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Slot.It SICH29 Motor Mount Anglewinder : $9.99 Slot.It SIGA29 29t Ergal Anglewinder Gear : $8.99 Slot.It SIKK11 Anglewinder Conversion Kit : $17.99 Slot.It SIMN08C Boxer/2-21,500rpm closed can motor : $18.99 Slot.It SIPA25 Stopper for anglewinder axles, aluminum : $3.99 Slot.It SIPI6512E 12T Ergal Sidewinder Pinion 6.5mm dia : $5.99 Slot.It Anglewinder Upgrade - 132slotcar

Scalextric starter sets, cars, track and accessories. Choose between analogue and Scalextric Sports Digital slot cars for slot cars. It comprises four main parts: main chassis, front chassis, motor mount, and body mounting means. ... Anglewinder Conversion Kit Z30 AW Crowns + Z11 Ø 6.5 mm Pinion KK13b Sidewinder Conversion Kit Z34 Ø 18 SW Crowns + Z11 Ø 6.5 mm Pinion Motor mounts Conversion Kit OFFSET 1.0 mm MBSLOT MBK09106 GT ANGLEWINDER Conversion Kit Professor Motor is a Saline Michigan U.S.A. based worldwide exporter, exclusive importer, distributor and manufacturer of slot cars, slotcars, slot car home sets, slot car motors and general hobby supplies. The Professor Motor INC company practices green eco-friendly electronics manufacturing and environmentally friendly general business practices supporting the local community by charitable ... SIKK11 Motor Mount Anglewinder Conversion Kit 0.0 ... SIKK11 Motor Mount Anglewinder Conversion Kit 0.0 offset - Anglewinder motor mount 0.0mm offset Conversion kit. With 30t SW crown + 11t 6.5mm pinion, axle stopper and motor screws. For HRS chassis applications and long can motors such as Boxer, Sloting Plus, NSR King, etc. anglewinder motor mount 1.0mm offset EVO6 conversion kit.

Anglewinder Conversion Kit with Offset 0.0mm Stay up to date. ... Motor Mount - Conversion Kit. Motor Mount - Conversion Kit . Home > SLOT.IT Anglewinder Conversion Kit SIKK11 - Jadlam Toys ... SLOT IT Anglewinder Conversion Kit SIKK11 Related Products SLOT.IT Anglewinder 1.0mm Offset Conversion Kit SIKK10B. £12.86; SLOT.IT Starter Kit Anglewinder HRS2 ... SLOT.IT Anglewinder Conversion Kit SIKK11 8032927627383 | eBay

ANGLEWINDER CONVERSION KIT SLOT.IT SI-KK11 SPARES at Motor mount Anglewinder LMP Offset 1.0mm, 9,50 € Motor mount Inliner Reverse DTM Offset 0.5mm. Slot IT SIKK10B anglewınder kıt-gear, motor pod...

AW Crowns Z30 + Pinion Z11 Ø 6,5mm + Stopper

Slot It McLaren anglewinder conversion test Slot Car News has recently tested the new Slot.It McLaren; today we examine the change from inline motor configuration to anglewinder set up. The original motor is the V12/3 orange endbell, rated 21.5k RPM, and 170 gcm; the new motor is the Boxer 2, rated 20k, and a whopping 340 gcm torque.

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Nov 17, 2008 · I propose to go for the anglewinder offset conversion kit. I think it includes everything you will need, apart maybe from the pinion. About the tires, proposes P5s for Ninco track. I prefer spirit tires 303. About the gearing, anglewinder gears are metal and are of high quality, as every slot… Brand Slot Car Starter Kits - SIKK11 Anglewinder Conversion kit with motor mount, gears, axle stopper and motor screws. Anglewinder Conversion kit Our Price : $17.99 . 1 in stock! SIKK13B Sidewinder 0.5mm OFFSET Conversion kit with motor mount, gears - for HRS Chassis Applications and Standard type Mabuchi Can Motors