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A guide to using and understanding 3-bet and 4-bet in online poker statistics. FAQ - What does half-pot-limit mean? In a head-to-head contest, HP pots and bets double with each additional bet or raise, so four bets or raises increase the pot by a factor of 2 x 2 x 2 x 2, or sixteen times. Poker Tips from Pros: 10 Post-Flop Poker Dilemmas, Solved Still feel like every flop is a "scary" flop? Poker pro Mat Frankland takes away the fear with solutions to 10 post-flop mysteries for beginner players. Is Poker Gambling? Depends What You Mean By Gambling Is poker gambling? It's a question argued over a lot in poker. But, as a lot of pros say, "If it were gambling, I couldn't do it professionally, could I?"

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You will be amazed how many otherwise good online poker players have a Raise 3-Bet stat of 2,5-3%, which makes them really predictable. On the other hand we have the Fold to 3-Bet stat, which comes in handy when we have to decide whether to re-raise an opponent – especially preflop. Examples using Raise 3-Bet Poker HUD Stat – Aggression - Holdem Poker Tips So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33% Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions. Aggression frequency /AFq/ is used in Poker Tracker and is calculated as (total bet + total raise) / (total bet + total raise + total call + total fold) * 100, the idea being to include all possible actions in the divisor of ... What is a 3-Bet in Texas Holdem Poker What is a 3-Bet in Texas Holdem Poker? A 3-bet, as the term implies, means putting in a third bet in a particular round of betting. It is slightly different pre-flop and post-flop because the big blind is counted as the first bet before the flop. Continuation Bet | How To Use The Continuation Bet

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Three-Bet Definition Poker - Poker King What does the term three-bet mean in poker? What is meant by the term three-bet ? What does three-betting mean? Poker HUD Stat – 3-Bet - My Holdem Poker Tips

Poker HUD Stat – 3-Bet - My Holdem Poker Tips

So many players make plays just for the sake of making them. Don’t let this be you. With every play you make, you should have a clear view of what it is you want to accomplish. What Does The Pass Line In Craps Mean What Does The Pass Line In Craps Mean! 10% of texas holdem poker free chips and casino gold v2.0.rar bonus what does the pass line in craps mean amount.. This bet cannot be booked if the bettor is also the shooter. Cowboys Definition Poker Cowboys Definition - what does the term cowboys mean in poker? What is the definition of the term cowboys in poker? LoveUknow | Run It Once

Point spread betting is extremely popular in football and basketball. A point spread is a number oddsmakers use as a median between two teams or sides in an effort to …

What exactly does 3bet light mean? - Beginning Poker ... Re: What exactly does 3bet light mean? Three-betting light means 3-betting as a bluff (i.e. you don't expect any worse ands to call but you expect some better hands to fold) If you mix in some light 3-bets, several good things can happen. Explaining the “Straddle” (It’s Not As Obscene As It ... It occurs in “flop” games or the versions of poker in which there are community cards used by all players to make their hands — mainly hold’em and Omaha. The option to place a straddle bet belongs to the player who would otherwise be first to act, which is the seat to the immediate left of the big blind. Understanding 3-Bet Ranges | SplitSuit Poker Understanding 3-Bet Ranges. Meaning they will 3bet a different range from the CO against an EP open than they would 3bet from the blinds against a BUT open. Good players will also 3bet you differently than they 3bet fish or an unknown player, so while a reg may have an overall 5% 3bet, they may 3bet this exact situation differently. The Continuation Bet (C-bet) |

Light Three-Betting in Action. If you’re still not convinced about the power of the light three-bet check out this video featuring Phil Ivey, Lex Veldhuis and Barry Greenstein. This hand takes the concept to the absolute extreme with a light three-bet, cold four-bet and a massive five-bet bluff jam. What does betting in poker mean? - Definition of betting in poker in the dictionary. Meaning of betting in poker. What does betting in poker mean? Information and translations of betting in poker in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. 3Bet - Poker Dictionary - What is a 3Bet in Texas Hold'em ... This poker video defines and shows an example of what a 3Bet is on PokerStars. In Hold'em, the blinds are considered the first bet, the raise is the second bet, and the re-raise is the third bet ... The Poker Definition of Limp - ThoughtCo