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Analog Development Kit Accessories Debuggers, Emulators, JTAG Tools & Accessories ... NI PXI SLOT BLOCKER, SET OF 5. Add to compare The ... NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS PXI-1045 USER MANUAL Pdf Download. Getting Started This chapter describes the key features of the PXI-1045 chassis and lists the kit contents ... Slot Blockers Optional slot blocker kits are ... Keysight M980xA Series PXIe Vector Network Analyzer ... Y1212A Slot blocker kit: 5 slots Y1213A PXI EMC filter ... Y1215C Rack mount kit for M9018B or M9019A 18-slot PXIe chassis Y1216B Rack mount kit for M9018B or M9019A ... M9018B PXIe Chassis: 18-slot, 3U, 8 GB/s | Keysight ... M9018B PXIe 18-Slot Chassis with Gen 2 performance, 16 PXIe Hybrid slots, mix of x4 and x8 links to peripheral slots

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PXI Chassis | Pickering Interfaces Selected PXI chassis are available with optional low acoustic operation; suitable for office, laboratory or other environments where low audible noise isWe can also pre-configure your PXI modules and ship them pre-installed in our 8, 14 or 19 slot PXI chassis to your exact requirements—this is done free of... PXI Chassis, PXI Express Chassis, PXIe... - ADLINK… PXI Express Chassis. PXIe Platforms. PXI Platform Setup. ADLINK Technology is a leading manufacturer of high-performance, high-quality PC based add-on cards and platform provider.Uniform airflow for each PXI slot results, for exceptional cooling. PXI Chassis with A PXI-1033 chassis kit lowers the PXI setup cost by 50 percent when compared to 4- slot PXI-1031 chassis with a MXI-4 Express kit.The PXI-1033 chassis includes an integrated remote controller and five peripheral slots. The compact, rugged, and portable chassis weighs less than 12 lb and is... Six-Slot PXI Chassis suits remote control applications.

The NI PXIe-1071 Chassis features optional equipment such as EMC filler panels, rack mount kit, slot blockers, and a handle/feet kit. A rack mount kit enables the user to mount the NI PXIe-1071 into a 19-inch instrument cabinet. The slot blockers function for optimized thermal performance when some slots are not in use.

PXI Chassis with Integrated MXI-Express Remote Controller a PXI-1031 4-slot chassis and MXI-Express controller. With an integrated MXI-Express controller in the chassis, ... PXI chassis slot-blocker kit PXI Filler Panel Kit Product Certifications - National ...

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Aug 02, 2018 · Using slot blockers improves the cooling of the PXI chassis, and it is best practice to always use NI PXI Slot Blockers in unused slots. Additional Information Using the slot blockers directs airflow from unused, cooler slots to populated slots which improves the cooling of the device. Y1212A PXI Slot Blockers: Qty 5, Single Slot | Keysight The Y1212A is a kit of five plastic slot-blockers to be used in any PXI chassis. These can be placed in empty slots to help improve airflow through PXI modules. Requires the use of a blank PXI filler panels. PXI Vector Network Analyzer - Keysight Y1212A Slot blocker kit: 5 slots Y1213A PXI EMC filler panel kit: 5 slots Non-EMC filler panels are included with the M9018B or M9019A PXIe 18-slot chassis Step 3. Choose a rack mount kit (optional)1 Y1274A Rack mount kit for M9005A Y1271A Rack mount kit for M9010A and Y1217A rail kit Y1215C Rack mount kit for M9018B or M9019A 18-slot PXIe

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NI PXI Slot Blocker, Set of 5 199198-01 No accessories required. NI PXI Carrying Case 780398-01 No accessories required. PXI Chassis Filler Panel Kit, 3 Double- & 3 Single-Slot Panels 778679-01 No accessories required. NI PXI 8-Slot Front Rack Mount Kit 778643-01 No accessories required. NI PXIe-1075 - National Instruments The NI PXIe-1075 18-slot chassis features a high-bandwidth backplane to meet a wide range of high-performance test and measurement application needs. The higher slot count of the NI PXIe-1075 provides a solution for higher-channel-density systems. The chassis operating temperature range is extended to 55 °C for applications needing cooling performance.

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